Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can materials be recycled after demolition?

Yes, 90% of demolition materials can be recycled and repurposed including cement, insulation, majority of metal materials (such as copper and steel), tiles, plasterboards and more. Talk to our demo team to discuss further details! Sydney Home Demolition is always resourceful and conscious of the environment.

2. What’s the difference between friable and non-friable asbestos?

Friable asbestos is asbestos which can easily be reduced to powder and therefore becomes airborne. This poses a higher risk for people who come in to contact with the substance, as airborne particular can be breathed in, and the lungs aren’t always able to break down the crystal fibres. Non-friable asbestos can also become airborne if broken down.

3. Can you demolish buildings which contain asbestos?

Yes—however, asbestos removal procedures will have to be taken first to prevent disturbing the fibres. Sydney Home Demolition are highly experienced in both of these areas and can provide you with the full service!

4. Can you demolish buildings which contain asbestos?

Yes—however, asbestos removal procedures will have to be taken first to prevent disturbing the fibres. Sydney Home Demolition are highly experienced in both of these areas and can provide you with the full service!

5. What’s the difference between demolishing and deconstructing?

Deconstructing is essentially pulling apart and salvaging materials, so they can be recycled in the future. Demolition is using machinery to knock down—generally destroying it in the process. Sydney Home Demolition are happy to fulfil both services; carefully removing any materials of value prior to the demolition.

6. How do you make sure all asbestos has been removed?

Sydney Home Demolition arrange an air monitoring report and give a clearance inspection before giving you the tick of approval for reoccupation. Have a look at our Asbestos removal process for more information.

7. Am I at risk if I have been living in a house with asbestos?

Firmly bonded asbestos is generally okay to live around until it wears or has been disturbed. To prevent the health risk early on, it’s important that you contact professionals to remove it under the correct safety guidelines. If you are worried you may have into contact with airborne fibres, we suggest you see a medical professional for an examination.

8. Do you need a licence for asbestos removal?

A licence is required to remove more than 10 square metres of asbestos, which our professionals have attained. However, it is not recommended that you conduct your own asbestos removal in the event of friability.

9. How do you choose a reliable asbestos removalist?

There are various qualities that make up a good removalist, some of these are:

  • Reliable
  • Good at communicating
  • Willing to answer any of your comments or queries
  • Qualified
  • Compliant with health and safety guidelines
  • Thorough in removal and testing procedures
  • Educated in order to give accurate quotes and advice.

10. Do I need a demolition approval for my property?

Yes, you will need a Demolition Approval from a Private Certifier or your local Council to demolish any structure or property.

11. How long does the approval take?

Private Certifier will take 21 days, for the approval and 7 days for the notification process, if you are told otherwise you are being misled, most Councils will take about 21 days but may vary.

12. Is there an application fee?

Yes for the Private Certifier, call our friendly staff and ask for Sydney Home Demolition special price. With the certifier, there are No Bonds required.

13. Should I go with the cheapest quote for demolition?

NO, THEY WORK OUT TO BE THE MOST EXPENSIVE AT THE END OF YOUR DEMOLITION. We understand people are quoting cheaper in these tough times, they are desperate for work, not many builders recommend them for a very good reason. We pride ourselves on being honest and upfront. Please note our quotes are all above board and there is NO HIDDEN AGENDA to try and find a variation, once we start the demolition. Our terms and conditions are attached (nothing to hide). The quote is itemised with everything included.

14. Authorities are increasingly focused on the enforcement of Health & Safety and Environmental issues. Do you comply with these regulations?

Yes, Local Councils and Work Cover are vigorously enforcing Environmental Protection and Occupational Health & Safety Regulations. Some Councils and even Builders are now asking for Hygienist Reports or Clearance Certificates to guarantee no hazardous materials are on the site. Sydney Home Demolition endorses the need for such regulation. We can organize a report for you if required.

15. Surely a demolition can be done by anyone with a bobcat and a truck?

No, it cannot, however, unfortunately, people are around who may tell you otherwise. Always remember to ask for copies of insurances and licences before proceeding with the demolisher of your choice. Non-professional practice often leads to attempts to save substantial tip fees by burying asbestos and other materials under the site.

16. What if something goes wrong? Am I protected?

Sydney Home Demolition have Public Liability Insurance.

17. Will my home end up at the tip, or will it be recycled?

Materials are recycled. The Environmental Control Plan we supply you with will give you details to where the materials are sent. Asbestos, of course, is carefully removed and transported safely to an authorized EPA.

18. A demolition site is a dangerous place, how do you protect it?

We install a 1.8m security fence to secure the site and place clear signs to warn people away. When the fence is installed, the site becomes the responsibility of the contractor. No unauthorized persons can enter.

Safety Standards

Sydney Home Demolition's employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards and experience for all the tasks we undertake.

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